Air, Petroleum, Chemical Hose in Long Beach and California.

Industrial Hose

Industrial Hose in Long Beach CA

Types of Industrial Hose

Air hoses for compressor lines, pneumatic tools, and low pressure spray are typically coupled or fitted with quick disconnects.

Petroleum transfer hoses used to transfer oil, gas, and petroleum based solvents must be temperature resistant and durable.

Food and Beverage hoses must be FDA/USDA compliant, deliver high performance and withstanding rigorous, frequent cleaning.

Chemical transfer hoses for industrial chemicals that may be dangerous have specific pressure and safety requirements.

Steam hoses are for steam-cleaning, pressure washing, heat control, fire prevention, pumping, thawing, blow-out service, steam pumps.

Water hoses used by construction and numerous industries need to be nonconductive, resistant to oil and highly durable.

Material hoses need to withstand the harshest conditions transferring materials such as sand, rocks, chips, slurry, mud, limestone, and more.

Marine hoses need to ensure the safety and performance of your boat and the best are Coast Guard approved.


Best Brands for Industrial Hose

Top Products

We carry a complete line of quality industrial hose so you are sure to get the right hose specialized for your application.

Air Hose

Continental, Frontier Multipurpose Hose, 200 PSI
Continental, Gorilla Air Hose, 500 PSI
Continental, Jackhammer Hose
Continental, Super Ortac, Heavy Duty Air / Multipurpose Hose

Petroleum Hose

ExtremeFlex petroleum Continental industrial hose - Raul pointed out this image
Continental, ExtremeFlex, Petroleum Hose
Continental, Flexsteel Futura, Gasoline Hose

Food & Beverage

Kuriyama, T405LL Series 150 PSI White Food S & D

Chemical Hose

Continental, FabChem, Chemical Hose


Continental, Whitewater, Steam Cleaner-Pressure Washer Hose

Water Suction & Discharge

Kuriyama, TigerFlex Water Suction Hose
Kanaflex, Kanaflo 112 CL - 112 AG Suction & Discharge Hose
Kanaflex, Kanaflo 112 CL - 112 AG Suction & Discharge Hose

Material Handling

Kuriyama,T755AA - Abrasive Material Blast Hose
Kuriyama, T753AA - Abrasive Material Blast Hose
Kuriyama, T763AA - Heavy Weight Dry Powder Delivery Hose
Kanaflex, KanaVac AR Corrugated Suction-Discharge
Kanaflex, KanaVac HR Corrugated Suction Hose


NRP Jones Coast Guard Approved A360 blu-finn-marine-fuel-hose
NRP Jones, A360 Marine Fuel Hose
T653AA - Soft Wall Marine Exhaust Hose - SAE J2006 R1 - Industrial Hose - Marine
Kuriyama, T653AA - Soft Wall Marine Exhaust Hose
T600AA - Hard Wall Marine Exhaust Hose USCG SAE J1527 A2 B2 - Industrial Hose - Marine
Kuriyama, T600AA - Hard Wall Marine Exhaust Hose

Catalog for Industrial Hose

Continental Industrial Hose Product Catalog