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Fire Hose

Fire Hose LB Hose Long Beach

Don’t risk Fire Hose failure when a true emergency happens. Replace questionable fire hoses, couplings, appliances and nozzles to keep your facility safe.

Fire hose is designed for a specific purpose based on Sizes, Type and Configuration. Types Fire Hose include: Attack Hose, Supply Line Hose, Booster Hose, Suction Hose.

Fire hose is manufactured in these main configurations: Single jacket, double jacket, rubber single jacket, hard rubber non collapsing types.

Talk to us about your requirements. Then we will make sure you get the best fire hose solution that matches your needs.

#1 Brand for Fire Hose Products

Top Products

Dixon Brass Industrial Fog Nozzle
Dixon Hydrant Adapter Pin Lug Brass LB Hose Long Beach CA
Dixon Hydrant Adapter Pin Lug Brass

Catalog for Fire Products

Dixon Fire Catalog

Fire Hose Rental

Fire Hose rental Long Beach CA

Rent a Fire Hose Today

All Fire Hose Rentals are Double Jacket.

All Fire Hose Rentals are fitted with both Male and Female Ends for easy use.

Fire Hose Rental Sizes:

  • 1 inch 50 foot
  • 2 1/4 inch 50 foot
  • 4 inch 50 foot

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