Gauges in Long Beach and California.


We partner with Dixon, the best brand for Gauges. Dixon Gauges are designed for long, reliable service under rugged conditions. Typical applications include those on pumps, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, compressors, machine tools and many other installations where it is necessary to have a gauge with a non-corrosive movement.

Utilize the right gauge to maintain the proper pressure for your system. Get the consistent performance you need while upholding safety requirements with the correct gauge for your system. 

Changes in pressure may indicate a problem that needs immediate attention. Avoid costly downtime and dangerous conditions with the right gauge connected to the systems circuit for display readings.

#1 Brand for Gauges

Top Products

Dixon, GLSC415, Liquid Pressure Gauge in Long Beach CA
Dixon, GLSC415, Pressure Gauge
Dixon, GLSC435, Liquid Pressure Gauge
Dixon, GLSC435, Pressure Gauge
Dixon, GLSC440, Liquid Pressure Gauge
Dixon, GLSC440, Pressure Gauge

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